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Welcome to MONIN Cup, an exhilarating bartending competition designed to push the boundaries of your mixology skills to new heights.​

In a world that’s embracing the No/Low ABV trend, we invite you, young and talented bartenders, to craft alternative, innovative, and unforgettable drinks.​

​As competitors, we challenge you to elevate your cocktail creations beyond mere taste and into the realm of storytelling. Creativity will be the pillar of our judging, encouraging you to think outside the glass and embrace the unconventional.

Are you the talented bartender of the future, are you max 27 year old (born ’97 or after) and looking for an exiting competition to show off your skills in an international competition?  Submit Now!

Could use some inspiration? Join us at the Paragon event 25th of June

You can apply until the 1st of August